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As you know, when we sell a magic effect, in addition to the various apparatus, gimmicks and gaffs which may be included, we are selling the SECRET of how the effect is accomplished. Once you have learned the secret you obviously cannot simply return it as you would most products. In fairness to those who have purchased such information from us or others and who rely on this secret knowledge in their performances, we are very careful about protecting the inner working of all effects we sell. For this reason we can not accept returns except in extreme circumstances in which case you MUST HAVE PRIOR AUTHORIZATION from Twister Magic before attempting to return merchandise. Any unauthorized returns will be refused by our receiving department and returned to the sender.
Twister Magic does its very best to not misrepresent any item we sell. All our products have a full description, picture and video of the performing effect. If you are not sure about any of our products, please feel free to email/call us to ask us any questions and we will be more than glad to help you and provide you with additional information.

We aim for a high level of customer satisfaction. This is a simple principle of good business. However, ultimate responsibility for purchases rests with the customer. It is the customer who has the best grasp of their own needs and capabilities.

Twister Magic promises to do the best we can to help you acquire the necessary equipment and the knowledge of that equipment that will allow you to achieve your magical goals, whether you are building a professional act or just enjoying magic as a great hobby. But ultimately, no one knows your act or your aspirations in magic as well as YOU do. For these reasons we ask that you consider your purchases carefully. There are NO RETURNS.


All Twister Magic Products have a Manufacturer’s Warranty that includes manufacturer defects, malfunctioning parts, gimmicks and unreadable DVDs. This warranty EXCLUDES:  Inappropriate use, abuse, neglect, theft or loss. If there is any problems, the product, item or gimmick, this should be mailed back to us within 30-days after the date of purchase along with a copy of your dated sales receipt. Upon receiving the product, it will be fully evaluated, to determine if it is under the warranty terms. If we find that the item fall into our warranty, we will replace it and shipped back to you within 7-days after the evaluation have been made.

Products should be mailed to:

Twister Magic

8357 SW 162 CT

MIAMI, FL 33193



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