This product was originally created back in 2008 and have been discontinued since we are currently working in the NEW and improved version of the Six Pack Surprise 2.0. 

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Here a preview of what it was the first version of the Six Pack Surprise, wait for the 2nd version that is coming totally reinvented! 

Packs Flat! Plays Big!

It looks so real that you wont even believe it!

You can fit and appear your Six Pack Surprise from many places such as envelopes, your Jacket! Briefcase! Magazines! Newspapers! Table!Handkerchiefs! And many other places! 

Amazing effects and hundreds of applications!!! 

Here some effects: 

* Show the audience a flat Happy Birthday Card that you have recently received. Ask the audience to guess what your friends sent you for your birthday. Nobody will guess what's inside! Appear a full six-pack from it!

* Show a Pizza Box (Provided with the set) Say that you ordered pizza, now open the box and take out a slice of real pizza and take a bite... but wait you also remember ordering coke, close the pizza box and look around... snap your fingers and open the pizza box and remove the six pack from it!

* Show an envelope with a prediction inside. Now show different cards with supermarket products! Ask the spectator to select one. Amazingly the spectator selects a card with a six pack printed on it! Now you ask him to name the brand of the six-pack and as soon as he name it you remove your prediction from inside... The barcode of the six pack selected... everybody will laugh, but when you tunr over the paper the name of the brand is printed on it! but wait there is more... nobody is expecting that from inside that prediction envelope you can appear a a full six-pack of bottles!

* Show your hands empty and inflate a balloon. Now produce from inside the balloon a full six pack of beer or coke.

* Show your hands empty and a handkerchief, now then from the handkerchief appear the six pack.

* Borrow a jacket from the spectator and remove some of his personal objects, but what a big surprise, from inside of his jacket you remove a full six pack of beers!

* Multiplying Six Packs instead of multiplying bottles on an empty table! Go from appearing 6 or 9 bottles to multiply six packs and appear 24 or 36 beers or cokes (*More Six Packs required for this effect)

* Use them for Stage, Kids Magic, Mentalism, Comedy and even Close-Up Magic!

* You can remove a real bottle from it and even poured out and give it to somebody of the audience to drink!

Comes in two versions: 

The Budweiser Six Pack and the Coke Six Pack.

What you get inside of the box? Inside of the packaging you receive :

* The Instant Six Pack Flash Appearance (Budweiser or Coke as requested) (Bottles are made out of plastic material)

* One Instructional DVD by Mr. Daba & George Iglesias with many applications and presentations of the effect and a detail explanation.

* Pizza Box.

*One specially printed jumbo Happy Birthday Card to appear the six pack from it.

* 6 Cards specially printed. 

* 1 Prediction Envelope.

* Additional Gimmicks and more!

What the professionals are saying about this amazing brand new effect:

* "So good! So visual! So real!... Visual Magic, just as it should be! Bubbling Magic at it's very best! Cheers!  Gaetan Bloom-France

* "Truly Fantastic! Strong Visual and completely practical to the modern On-The-Road Warrior"  Charlie Frye and Company.

* "A new and sensational idea! I'll love it! Juan Mayoral-Spain

* "It's 100% Magic! 100% Commercial! 100% Strong! I'll buy them all!"  Sonny Fontana-Las Vegas

* "This is the best production item I've seen in a very long time. Looks impossible, plays very funny, and doesn't look like a magic prop! Fantastic!"  Mike Caveney-Los Angeles

* "This is an amazing effect of multiple uses! For the ones that works at restaurants and bars it's perfect. For us it is 100% useful since right now we are working at a Dinner Show in the country of beer (Germany) It couldn't be more perfect! An extremely strong effect! Bravooo Daba & George for this fantastic invention!" Vick and Fabrini-International Stars of the Crazy Horse-Paris.

Manufacturers Warranty
All Twister Magic Products have a Manufacturer’s Warranty that includes manufacturer defects, malfunctioning parts, gimmicks and unreadable DVDs. This warranty EXCLUDES:  Inappropriate use, abuse, neglect, theft or loss. If there is any problems, the product, item or gimmick, this should be mailed back to us within 30-days after the date of purchase along with a copy of your dated sales receipt. Upon receiving the product, it will be fully evaluated, to determine if it is under the warranty terms. If we find that the item fall into our warranty, we will replace it and shipped back to you within 7-days after the evaluation have been made.

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