A complete sold out at the latest Blackpool Magic Convention 2013!

On the table you see two yellow tubes, in front of them a Pringles tube and a soda can (You choose your favorite brand) . Now you cover both items with the tubes, wave your hand on top and magically they change places! repeat this again one or two more times and every single time your magic works. 

Now you place the Pringles tube away into your suitcase or have one of your sidekicks at the show to "secretly" steal it, do a magic gesture an the Pringles tube reappear inside of the yellow tube. Put is aside one more time and repeat the whole process, magically the red Pringles tube keeps coming back. At the end show both yellow tubes empty and the Pringles tube and soda can that you originally started. Open the Pringles tube take some chips out and the open the soda can and and take a sip.

1 Sets of 3 Gimmicked Pringles Cans
2 Special Yellow tubes
1 Instructional DVD
1 Special sticker to cover 1 real Pringles Can.
1 Special sticker to cover the top of 1 real Pringles Can.
1 Special sticker (As a refill if needed) to cover 1 real Pringles Can.
1 Special sticker (As a refill if needed) to cover the top of 1 real Pringles Can.

Magician supplies any 1 Real Pringles Can and 2 Soda cans of his preference.

In the Instructional DVD George Iglesias will guide you step by step in the performance of the routines and preparation for your shows.

An amazing Magic Set that promises to become a classic that will be soon part of your repertoire.

Perfect for Kids Magic, Comedy Magic, Stage and Parlor Magic, Entertainers, Clowns, Comedians and MC's

Made of a durable material will last for a lifetime!

"The PRINGLES look like the real thing! the bottles never looked quite right to me!…they always looked funny…and weren't good for kid or family audiences. You have come up with a good" family show" solution for this effect! Keep up the great creativity! Bravo! Jeff McBride."

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