The magician uses his deck of cards and asks the spectators to select three cards and keep them with them until the end of the trick. Now he remove from his pocket a package of cards specially printed and starts telling his magician story. Four cards with little magicians printed on them will change magically over and over showing pictures of little magicians, bunnies, carrots and a big surprise… The revelation of the three cards previously selected!

“When I was a child I wanted to be a magician and I asked my dad to buy me my first magic wand, hat and tuxedo. (Show four cards with magicians printed) It was amazing and I had a great time. My dad gave me for my birthday a bunny, (One card transforms into a bunny) named Bobby, he felt alone for the first month and we decided to bring home Bobba, his girlfriend! Soon, they had Bobbitos! (Another card transforms into a multiple bunnies) And started to eat all the carrots, I noticed that rabbits multiply very fast, and they eat a lot of carrots. After some days it was uncontrollable, they were everywhere in the house eating all the carrots that they found. I knew that I needed to stop this situation, that’s why I decided to place all the carrots in the refrigerator. Guess what happened? The rabbits went into the refrigerator. (Another card transforms into a bunny sneaking at the refrigerator) That is why I decided not to perform with bunnies any more and become only a card magician. (As a surprise another card change into a card with the three selected cards printed on them)

A very strong card routine! No sleight of hand at all! Very easy to do!

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